If you have one of the new iPad's without a Home Button, like the iPad Pro, then you may have encountered the situation where the iPad asks to to "Double Click to Pay". This is quite difficult as you need to quickly press the side button of your iPad with a lot of pressure. If your iPad is in a protective cover, it is even more difficult.

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We are all so accustomed to touching the screen to interact with our iPad's that having to now press a physical button (twice quickly) is most unusual. Even the most tech savvy and agile amongst us can find this difficult.

The reason for this, is the iPad Pro uses Face ID for purchases on the App Store instead of asking you to enter your password. If you would prefer to enter your password, then follow these steps:

Change your Face ID settings

  • Open the iPad Settings app, and scroll down to Face ID & Passcode
  • In the section "Use Face ID For" turn it off iTunes & App Store

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Change your button settings

  • Open the iPad Settings app, and go to the Accessibility
  • Tap the blue icon for "Top Button"  (could also be called "Side Buton"
  • Turn on the option to "Use Passcode for Payments" instead of double clicking the button.

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    Now when you use our app, you'll be able to enter your iTunes password like before.