Setting up a new iPad

You've got a brand new iPad and you would like to get Jigsaw Box up and running again and see all the puzzles you've purchased in the past. Or maybe you're missing puzzles which you had previously purchased.

Well here are a few steps to help get you up and running again.
  1. When you are set up on WiFi, go to the app store and download the latest version of Jigsaw Box.
  2. Make sure you are using the same Apple ID that you used with Jigsaw Box on your old iPad.
  3. You can check this in Settings, iTunes & App Store, Apple ID:
  4. Launch Jigsaw Box and go to Settings, Help, Store and click on the Restore Purchases button

5. Restoring your purchases can take a few minutes so leave it for a little while and let it do it's thing.
6. When the restore is complete, your puzzles will appear in the Library.

Note: if you made any puzzles yourself, these will not be available to you on your new iPad. You will need to re-create those.
Sorry but we respect your privacy and the app does not have access to your personally created puzzles.

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