How to re-download your puzzles

When you purchase a puzzle pack with Jigsaw Box - it will download to your iPad, but if the download fails, or you upgrade your iPad, or if you delete a puzzle pack by mistake, you can just re-download it again. You can always re-download your puzzle packs to your iPad.  There are two ways to do it:

1. If you see your missing puzzles in the Puzzle Store, then tap BUY to "re-buy" them. You will not be charged again. It will ask you to enter your password, and then popup a message saying "You have already purchased this. Tap OK to download it again for FREE." and so you just tap YES and it will re-download.  It works the same way as downloading music or movies.  Once you have bought the item, you can re-download it again at any time for free. That is the quickest and most direct way to re-download the puzzles. 

2. If you do not see your missing puzzles in the Store, please make sure your iPad is connected to wireless, and then press Settings --- Help -- Store  and then press the "Restore Purchases" button. After a few minutes, your puzzles will be re-downloaded to your iPad. After the process is complete, you may need to close the app, and open it again before all the puzzles appear in the Puzzle Library.

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