Missing Pieces - Fade to Fine Feature

Thank you for getting in touch with us about the missing pieces. Don't worry, they are definitely there! Sometimes the pieces can go under the puzzle or under the tray and appear to be missing. But they are there. If this happens again, please try pressing the "Edges” button at the top of the screen to show all pieces or edge pieces only. If the Puzzle Tray is showing, please tap the "eject" icon at the bottom left of the tray. It looks like an icon with an arrow pointing upwards. Any un-connected pieces will show up on the table. You could also press the "Arrange" button to align any un-connected pieces along the edges of the screen. The missing pieces should then be much easier to find. Also you could try our new "Fade to Find" feature to see can you reveal the missing pieces. Here's a quick animation of how it works:https://sparkleapps.com/kb/

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